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Photo a day – January 1, 2012


I remember my first teddy. It was a handmade Winnie The Pooh bear. I loved him.

This is Patrick with his first (and second) teddies. Their names are Billy Bobby and Jo Jo Bobby. Each night, when Paddy lays down to sleep, he puts one on each side of his head (like giant ear muffs) and that’s how he falls asleep. With his two teddies hugging his head tightly, and keeping him safe.

Oh, to be a child again and to feel such security from the simple act of placing two teddies on either side of your face.

If only life was still that simple.

I still have that Winnie The Pooh bear. He’s old and has lost some of his stuffing, but he’s still my bear. I wish I could cuddle him like I used to and feel safe again. I wish he could take away all my nightmares. Maybe I might take him out of the wardrobe tonight and see if cuddling him works. The worst thing that could happen is I’d have something to snuggle up to all night, and the best thing that could happen is that I’d sleep soundly and securely.

I think I might try it tonight, I need just one good night’s sleep. I want to sleep without a care in the world, just like Paddy does. With his Bobby ear muffs.

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