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Photo a day – January 7, 2012


It’s so Australian. It’s so summer.

Afternoons spent across in the park, playing cricket as a family, having fun and creating memories.

This afternoon, Paddy asked Julian if they could go and play cricket across the road. Naturally, being the kind of dad who wants to encourage his kids to get outside and be active, Julian said yes. So off they went, across the road with the family cricket set. They set it up and Paddy took his stance, waiting for his dad to bowl him a ball. He took the shot and missed. But, not to be deterred, he tried again, and again.

After a little while, the rest of the kids realised that there was fun to be had in the park, and they all came over to join in. And suddenly we had a cricket match going. It didn’t follow any of the rules of cricket, but they were all having fun, having a laugh, cheering each other on, and celebrating when someone was bowled out. It was magical to watch their enthusiasm and team spirit. And it’s wonderful to see James taking part. He can’t take part in many sports these days, as he tires out so quickly, but he loves his cricket. For him, it’s all about cricket and rugby. So when he wants to play, we let him.

Who knows how much longer he will be able to take part. I just hope he gets at least one more season, one more summer.

And when that star streaked across the sky tonight, that’s exactly what I wished for.

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