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Photo a day – January 8, 2012

We are moving next weekend. And renting out this house. However, there is so much we have to do to our house to make it acceptable to rent out. So this weekend, Julian has been busy. He’s been busy mowing, whipper-snippering, Selley-sealing the bathroom, sanding, painting, and drilling. I never thought I would ever be able to say that my husband was a handyman, but he actually has proven me wrong!

The only thing about working on the house is that the kids are left to fend for themselves. This means, if they aren’t in the pool, they are in front of the TV. I can almost see their brains turning to mush from too much time in front of “the box”. So today, we took them on a little outing – to Masters! No longer is Bunnings our home improvements store of choice. We are one of the many Masters converts. And the great thing about Masters is that it’s designed with women in mind. It is air-conditioned, has a McDonalds and McCafe, and an indoor playground, not to mention cubby houses and trolleys designed like cars, with space for not one but TWO children!

So Julian can wander around the store, lost in his own little world in his idea of “heaven”, and I can enjoy a coffee whilst the kids burn off their energy in the play area.

Thank goodness I can put Charlyse in charge of all the kids whilst us adults enjoy our “time out”. It’s a godsend that one of my children is responsible enough to take charge. Not that she doesn’t like being a kid as well – she’s very good at that.

And that’s about all I need to recharge my batteries, ready for the task ahead of packing up house and unpacking at the other end. Oh man, I’m not looking forward to that! I think I’ll start packing tomorrow. . .

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