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Photo a day – January 9, 2012

DAY 9 OF 31

I know I post quite a few pics of the kids in the pool but the truth is, with summer temperatures hovering around the 30+ mark, the pool is the perfect place to hang out. They swim daily, and could honestly spend hours in there. They never tire of it.

It was only a few months ago that Paddy had his first swimming lesson. He screamed so much that he made himself vomit. Parents clambered to pull their children out of the pool, fearful that they would be touched by some of the vomit that my fretful child had expelled. I was mortified, and thought of never going back to that swim school. Thank god the owner of the swimming school talked me into staying, and she organised semi-private lessons for Paddy so that we could ease him into it.

Each week, he grew more and more comfortable, until 2 weeks ago when he finally went into the pool without crying. Suddenly, my little boy, the one who had made himself sick with terror, was enjoying himself. I think I even saw a smile.

Now, 3 months after that first swimming lesson, he is a totally different child. He LOVES the water and he loves his swimming lessons. In fact, he is so cool these days that he even proudly wears his pink goggles and he wears them with pride.

That’s my boy!

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