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Photo a day – January 10, 2012

James was hungry, and I was busy. I was busy packing boxes for our move this coming weekend.

“Mum, I’m hungry. Can you make me a sandwich?”

“Sure James, just give me 5 minutes”.

Five minute passes . . . .

“Mum, please can you make me a sandwich?”

“Hang on James, just 5 more minutes!”

This went on a few times, until finally I finished what I was doing (you know how it is when you get on a roll with something – you just have to keep at it until it’s done). I came out to the kitchen to find that James had gotten out the bread, butter, mayonnaise, ham, cheese, tomato, red pepper, beetroot, and spinach, and was making his own sandwich. He wasn’t going to wait one more minute, let alone five!

With a little help from me, he made a very tasty looking ham & salad sandwich, followed by a big glass of ice cold water.

“No junk food lunches for me, I like to eat healthy, so that my legs will be better when I grow up”, he said.

He’s a big boy now – he doesn’t need me anymore.

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