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Photo of the day – January 11, 2012

Charlyse Faith Thompson, aged 6.5 years.

What did I do to have such a stunning little girl? The more I look at her, the more beautiful she seems, with every day that goes by.

She started out not really pretty at all. In fact, I didn’t even like her most days. She cried and cried and cried. She wouldn’t go to sleep unless someone was holding her. And when they tried to put her back down, she cried again. Oh, how I cursed her in those early days. Sleep deprivation does that to a person. It makes you say things that you don’t really mean, just because you are grumpy and want everyone else to pay for it. Looking at her now, I can’t believe I didn’t like her. But that only lasted the first month or two. At 3 months old, she took on a whole new personality. She started becoming the girl she is today.

And that girl is beautiful. She is kind and caring, smart and hungry to learn, silly but often serious, responsible but wacky. This girl, the one who cried and cried and cried, now she laughs all the time.

She is my one and only Charlyse. To me, she is perfect in every way.

And how I love her so.

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