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Photo a day – January 13, 2012

With only 2 more full days until we move (yet again), things have become rather chaotic in the Thompson household. Chaotic, stressful, AND messy. Not only are we trying to pack up all our belongings ourselves, but the tradesmen have been coming and going, doing little odd jobs to get this house ready to rent. Yes, our house is going to be rented by another family, and I actually feel a bit sad at the thought of moving out.

Today, we had the builder come in and he sanded back the roof of the carport, which had to be fixed and plastered last week. There was fine white dust everywhere, all through our carport, and it was being spread through the house on the soles of everyone’s shoes. So out came the brooms. Julian was busy sweeping all the dust away, when Paddy came bounding out the door.

“I help, Daddy?”

“Sure Paddy, here’s a broom. Just sweep everything down towards the road”.

Well, I don’t think Julian actually thought Paddy would make much of a dent on the amount of dust that had to be swept away, but he was wrong. Paddy worked hard, sweeping dust down the driveway and into the gutter. He worked so hard, and barely took a break to give me a smile for the camera. My Paddy, he loves to help. He loves to sweep and he loves to vacuum. He loves to wipe the table clean, and he loves to clear away dirty plates and cups. He always helps Julian out to the bin with our recyclables, and he loves to put his clothes away after they’ve been washed.

I’ve struck it lucky with my little man, he is so tidy. In fact, all of my men are tidy. My girls, on the other hand, well they are pretty messy and leave things where they drop them.

I think my Paddy will be a good catch someday, for one very lucky partner. Every woman appreciates a man who likes to keep things clean.

Oh, and those blue eyes certainly won’t go astray!

  • Mel Newton - He is a gorgeous boy and what a good helper, keep encouraging this side of him Sharyn as yes he will be a great husband one day a girl likes a man who can take care of himself not a mummies boy who has never had to do a thing in his life. Good job Sharyn.xxReplyCancel

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