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Photo a Day – January 15, 2012.

There are boxes everywhere.

The place is chaotic and looks like a bomb has hit. Two ladies are madly wrapping and boxing everything in our kitchen. Julian is running stuff to and from the house, in the hope that we won’t have to pay removalists to do so much. And I am trying to gather everything together that we will need over the next few days.

And amongst all this chaos are four young children, happily keeping themselves occupied. They aren’t getting under our feet or causing disruption to the removals going on around them.

The boys are playing cricket up the hallway, using a cardboard box as stumps. And the girls are colouring in together on the sofa. There hasn’t been a single complaint, or a single argument amongst them.

They are just happy, playing together, and staying out of the way. And we can get the job done faster.

Thank you kids, for being so easy.

  • MARCIE - i sure wish i had a group of beauties like you do to love. i wish i would of had just one little girl in addition to my beautiful son. your children are so amazing!ReplyCancel

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