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Photo a Day – January 17, 2012

Moving house. UGH! I hate it!

Since 2000, I have moved 9 times. Yes, NINE times! Over 5 countries.

Some may say I’d be a professional mover by now, but nothing could be farther from the truth.

Over the years, I have accumulated so much CRAP. And each time I move, I take that crap with me and accumulate even more! We moved back to Australia from England in May 2010, and yet there are still so many boxes I am yet to unpack. And now we’ve moved again, and those boxes have been moved again, completely untouched from England.

So now is the time to get tough! One by one, I am unpacking boxes and I am going to either keep or throw away every single item I see. I figure, if I haven’t missed it these past 20 months, then I most likely don’t need it. Julian was disposing of some of the items I’d “filed” and asked why I was throwing away certain items. I explained that we had to be tough, and stop keeping things just for the hell of keeping them.

It’s time to de-clutter, it’s time to start all over again, with the things we need and want, and no longer any of the items that we used to need or want.

If it hasn’t been missed up until now, then it won’t be missed at all. I just have to keep telling myself that. Over and over again.

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