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Photo a Day – January 18, 2012

It’s the simple things in life that often amuse us the most.

Whilst I was dealing with the stress and exhaustion of unpacking, and Julian was at work stressing about a totally different matter, our kids were pretty much left to their own devices. The TV had not been connected, and we had no internet, so entertainment of the usual kind was not available.

And this is where my kids discovered the joys of being young, of being children, of having untamed imaginations.

A simple child’s tent, looking suspiciously like a Big Red Bus, became a Diamond Castle. Charlyse was a beautiful princess and Paddy was the dashing knight. Together they played, for over an hour, and they used their imaginations, something that so many children today seem to be lacking.

I must confess to using TV as a babysitter on occasion, especially when I’m trying to make dinner or clean the house. And in our old house there wasn’t much outdoor space for the kids to play in. However, our new house is different. We have a front yard and a back yard, both fully enclosed. The kids can play safely, and they can use their imaginations to create the most wonderful playtimes.

Aaaahhhh, it takes me back to my day. Fond memories of time spent outdoors. I’m sure that’s a foreign concept to many children these days.

And that is a tragedy in itself.

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