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Photo a Day – January 24, 2012

So I haven’t been the best mummy this week. I didn’t take a “first day of school” photo. So here is the kids’ “second day of school” photo.

Yesterday was the big kids’ first day back at school, for the new school year. James and Charlyse are now in Year 2 – can you believe it?

I still remember the first time they started school, both of them in England. I didn’t know what to expect, and I was especially worried about how James would handle it.Unfortunately, England was a terrible experience, education-wise. At least, it was for James. I struggled with the Local Education Authority, struggled to get them to listen to my concerns. Many days I would end up in tears from sheer frustration, brought on by the fact that James wasn’t getting the attention and care that he so desperately required. By the end of the year, he had fallen so far below the rest of his peers, that he didn’t even factor on the bell curve. He had fallen through the cracks and was practically forgotten about. By everyone but his father and I. And that is why Julian walked into work one day and resigned. On the spot.

Moving to Australia was the best thing we ever did. As difficult as it has been for us on an emotional and financial level, it has been so rewarding for the kids in terms of their education and the lifestyle they are now able to experience. Especially James. His school, Caningeraba Public School, allowed us to hold him back a year (something they refused point-blank to do in England, even though he was only 4 weeks above the cut-off dates for the year above) and he went into the same year as his adored sister. He is now average-above average in all his subjects, and I couldn’t be prouder. He tries so hard, and he loves learning. Both of them do.

They were lucky enough to have two years of amazing teachers. In fact their teachers were so wonderful that I really worried about who they would get this year.

I needn’t have worried. Once again, they have kind and caring teachers, and James has struck it lucky once more with a teacher that seems to suit his needs perfectly.

I have always sworn that I would never put my kids into public schools, but we had no choice when we came back to Australia. And yet, I can only say good things about their wonderful little school. My children are flourishing, learning so much, and developing into wonderful human beings under the guidance of so many kind and caring teachers. And so I take back anything I ever said about public schools, because the good ones really do ensure that no child is “left behind”, and they often do go that extra bit to provide the support that kids sometimes need.

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