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Photo a Day – January 26, 2012

Australia Day, 2012

We are fiercely patriotic. We love our country, and we love our flag. We love everything Australian (with a few minor exceptions).

We have 4 beautiful children. Each of them is Australian. None of them were born in Australia. James was born in Tokyo, Japan. Charlyse and Saraya were born in Singapore. And Patrick is our little Pom, born in England.

And yet, even though they were not born here, they are as Australian as we are. Yes, they had never lived in this country until 21 months ago, and yet they will grow up as true blue Aussies.

And I hope they love this country as much as their Dad and I do. I also hope that this country remains as great as it has all these years, and that others don’t change what we have all grown up with and love, and many have died defending.

Yes, we are Australian and we are proud of it!

Happy Australia Day everyone.

Today is the day we can be thankful and feel blessed to live in such a beautiful country. Many others have/will die trying to reach and live the life we do.

We are the lucky ones. We really are.

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