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January 28, 2012 – Boys, girls, and barbies.

I came up the stairs this morning after not hearing any sound coming from the girls’ room. Knowing that 3 of my children were playing in there, I feared that the quietness meant they were up to no good. When I arrived in their room, this is the scene I was confronted with. Three of my children (Charlyse, Saraya, and Paddy) happily playing with barbie dolls.

Now, I have heard of some dads freaking out about their sons playing with dolls, or dressing up as a princess, or  liking the colour pink. But I can’t understand why. Paddy likes playing with his sisters and brother, and it doesn’t matter what they are playing – he just wants to be part of it. He will happily play Barbie princesses, and he will just as happily play with his racing cars or trains. The great thing is, he has a wonderful imagination already, at the tender age of two, and so why should it matter if he plays with toys that are targeted towards girls? Or vice versa? As long as he is happy, and is using his imagination in doing so, what more could I ask for?

For what it’s worth, Paddy does prefer to play golf and cricket and rugby, or put his train set together, or race his motorcycles. But every now and then, he loves a bit of time with Barbie. And just today, he found out what Barbie has on underneath her clothing. I dare say (after seeing the look on his face) he may play with Barbie a whole lot more in the future!

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