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Photo a Day – January 30, 2012


It’s so special to grow up with a best friend.

It seemed, at school, that my best friend changed yearly or perhaps every second year. I never had a continual best friend, one that I grew up with and went through life’s pains and joys with. That is one of my regrets. I have some really close and special friends, but no one who has known me and gone through things with me since I was young. And I’ve certainly needed one, especially lately.

Charlyse has a best friend. Her name is Bayley and she lives just on the other side of the nature reserve that borders our house. We had promised Charlyse that when we finally moved into our new house we would invite Bayley over for a playmate.

And so yesterday, Bayley came to visit after school.

The two giggling girls ran upstairs to Charlyse’s bedroom and closed the door.

“Please give us some privacy, Mum”, she had requested.

Well, I am a bit of a sticky beak and I wondered what the girls could be talking about or doing at (almost) 7 years of age that would require such privacy.

I crept up the stairs, with my camera in my hand, and knocked on the door before entering.

And there they were, just lying together on the bed and chatting about school, about their teachers, about boys, and about their other friends. They were chatting about what they got up to in the holidays, and what they want to do this coming year.

They were doing what typical 7 year old best friends do. And I hope they manage to keep that friendship going, because everyone needs a best friend, especially when life doesn’t go the way you imagined it at 7 years of age.

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