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Photo a Day – February 11, 2012

Dads and their daughters.

Sometimes it’s hard to put into words how strong the bond is between a father and his little girl.

Saraya and Charlyse don’t realise it yet, but they have their father twisted so tight around their little fingers.

Julian already had his little girl, when we found out we were expecting another. It had been a long, heartbreaking road trying to get pregnant with our third baby, after I went through four miscarriages in eight months, and I truly thought I would never get to experience parenthood for the third time.

And then an angel came into our lives and she changed everything.

That “angel” was a good friend, a homeopath/naturopath whom we knew in Singapore. To this very day, I credit her with helping to bring our beautiful Saraya into the world. She put me on supplements, vitamins, and homeopathic remedies. She gave me counselling on my grief over James’s diagnosis, and she helped Julian and I reconnect again. And then she gave us the greatest gift of all – our beautiful Saraya.

She was the most perfect baby, although I should have known from the day I found out she was breech that she’d be a feisty one! She was born by c-section (never again!) and spent the first week in NICU at Raffles Hospital, in Singapore. When she finally came home, all she did was sleep. She would fall asleep anytime, anywhere, no matter how noisy it was. I finally had the perfect baby, the one I’d always heard of from others but never actually believed existed.

She was perfect until she became a toddler. Oh. My. God. Suddenly she was a horror. I’m pretty sure the arrival of her baby brother Patrick had something to do with it, but she turned overnight. She would scream, cry, hit, kick, bite. She was a terror! There were days I almost didn’t like her. I knew it was most likely a phase, and I knew she would probably grow out of it, but it still didn’t change the fact that she had turned from perfect to difficult overnight. It was hard, hard to look after a difficult toddler and a baby whom she tried constantly to hurt. I found myself leaving her with our maid, more and more, and just taking Patrick out. I didn’t realise I was neglecting the needs of my little girl.

It was Julian who reminded me of how much we wanted her, how hard we fought to have her in our lives, and why we had her in the first place. And so, whenever she acted up, he would just grab her in a big hug, put her on his lap, and talk to her about her day. And she loved getting his undivided attention. After all, she is the third child and a middle child, so there really is a need for extra attention. Her Daddy gives her that attention, even now that she’s coming out of that difficult period and has become a caring, loving, thoughtful little girl. She tells me I’m beautiful, she notices small things about people and compliments them. But every now and then she looks for attention, and he gives it to her.

Julian is the father of two beautiful little girls, who will hopefully grow up into two beautiful women. And he would love to walk them down the aisle and give them away to a deserving partner in years to come. Until then, they are his little girls, and he will love and protect them with his life.

Oh, and he may have to buy a rifle when they get a little bit older, because any prospective partner who wants to date our girls will have to get through him first.

And he’s no pushover. Not when it comes to his girls.

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