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Photo a Day – February 17, 2012


My youngest son is a freak.

He is a freak with a cricket bat. And a racquet. And a golf club. And a rugby ball. And a soccer ball.

Every afternoon, he bounds into the house after being picked up from school, and straight out the front or back door. He picks up his little cricket bat and demands one of us come outside and bowl him a few balls. And he hits almost every single one. His hand/eye coordination is unbelievable, and his technique is something that can’t be taught.

At 2 and a half years of age, he steps into the ball as it approaches and whacks it, often clean out of the yard and onto the street beyond.

Whether he has a cricket bat, or a golf club, or a totem racquet, or even a rugby ball, he will line up his stance and pause before he starts playing, and his tongue will always make an appearance. He has been doing this since he was around 12 months old.

I know we should get footage of him, but truth be told he hates being videoed, or photographed. And so I will have to use stealth techniques and take some iPhone footage, so I can send it off to schools like TSS and BBC and All Saints, and hope that he may be lucky enough to get a contract when he gets older.

His dad always dreamed of playing for his country, but he never did. Perhaps, what his dad never realised back then, he was meant to COACH his own son to represent his country, because with Paddy’s talent there is no stopping him.

And I’m not biased. Okay, maybe just a tad.

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