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Photo a Day – February 19, 2012

“There were four in the bath, and the little one laughed,

Splash water! Splash water!”

Bathtime!! It’s that time of the day that I really dread, and I really look forward to.

Four children, all in the bath together, covered in bubbles.

Lots of naked bums, and the opportunity to do “nudie rudie” runs through the house.

Lots of laughter, and too much splashing.

Occasional fighting, and plenty of chit-chat.

Washing hair, face washers covering eyes, hair-washing-cup at the ready.

Nice soft, plush towels lay in wait for each child to step out of the bath and onto the mat.

Pyjamas are laid out in their bedrooms, toothbrushes are topped with toothpaste.

Beds are turned down, pillows are plumped up.

Bed time. Sometimes it comes too soon, and sometimes not fast enough.

But when the kids are sound asleep, and the house is quiet, it’s time to relax.

Now, where’s the chocolate and wine????

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