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Photo a Day – February 20, 2012

Boys will be boys.

Julian doesn’t have many mates here. In fact, he could probably count them on two fingers. So the opportunity to play a bit of competitive sport is infrequent. In fact, it’s never.

This afternoon, when Luke (James’s respite carer) came over, Paddy and James were enjoying a nice easy game of totem tennis. Shortly after Luke arrived, the tennis was forgotten and the boys went off in search of something else to do.

And that’s when it happened. Luke picked up a racquet, and Julian picked up a racquet. And it was on.

The ball went round and round, first to the left, then Julian returned it with a mighty backhand, and back to Luke’s waiting volley. It went on and on and on, and you could see the competitive juices powering through their veins as they each tried to outplay the other.

It only lasted 7-8 minutes, and then it was over. There was no winner, but there was a kind of satisfaction. Satisfaction from Julian at having that little “mate” time, that time where he could just hit a ball with another male and enjoy a bit of friendly competition.

Sometimes, that’s all that a man needs, just to preserve his sanity. Women shop, or have girly chats. Men just kick or hit a ball.

It’s really that simple.

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