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Photo a Day – February 24, 2012

She is 6.5 years old.

She is in Year 2 at school, and her best friends are Bayley, Chloe, and Amelie.

She loves Barbie and My Little Pony, and her favourite toy is her Baby RooRoo.

She has just progressed to reading “chapter books”, and she could draw or colour in all day.

She is always inquisitive, which is the sign of a bright child.

She has a pink laptop (of course) that she practices her reading and mathematics on.

She is passionate about animals and hates hearing of them being hurt or dying.

She will either be a vet or work for Greenpeace when she grows up.

She eats meat now, but I am sure she will become vegetarian as she gets older.

She is responsible and has a maturity beyond her years, but at the same time she can be childishly innocent and naive.

She loves to sing to the Top 40 songs on the radio, and her favourite music artist is Katy Perry.

She pirouettes and spins around the living area like a ballerina, on legs that will be too long to do it professionally.

She is blonde, she has blue eyes, she is beautiful. And she loves her family.

She is my one and only Charlyse.

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