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Photo a Day – February 25, 2012

Oh, to be a child again!

Do you remember when you were young? For me, it seems like it was just yesterday, when in fact it was 3 decades ago.

And so, because it was a lifetime ago, I get great joy out of watching my kids being just that – kids.

Today, it poured and poured and poured. The kids were stuck inside for much of the day, and naturally the nasty cabin fever started rearing its ugly head.  And then Charlyse had a great idea.

She ran outside, grabbed her umbrella, stripped off all her clothes, and hopped into the pool. In the pouring rain, completely naked, and taking cover under the umbrella so she wouldn’t get wet. Haha.

Of course, once one child did it the others had to follow. So now, instead of 4 children sitting in a TV room, looking outside and wishing the sun would come out so they could play, they decided to take matters into their own hands and make their own fun. And so, I had 3 naked children doing nudie-rudie runs around the backyard and pool, all under umbrellas so they would not get wet.

The simple joys of being a child, of not worrying about wearing clothes, not caring if their hair got wet, and not worrying who saw them nudie-rudie.

Life was so much fun back then. Way back then.

And so I snap away on my camera, taking photos of them having fun, of not having a care in the world, and I will use those photos to help them remember as they get older.

To help them remember that, once upon a time, they had so much fun. Together.

And it was free.

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