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February 26, 2012 – It’s party time!

She’s 4 today.

My little Saraya had her birthday today. No longer is she a 3-year-old. She is a very grown up 4-year-old, and next year she will head off to “big school”.

Today, we had her birthday party. A day of chaos, noise, laughter, swimming, and dancing. And too much sugar.

Amongst all the chaos, Saraya played happily with her two best friends – Miyana and Talia. They call themselves “The Three Musketeers”, named after a Barbie movie, and not Alexandre Dumas’ literary series.

They ran around, full of way too much sugar and chocolate, and screamed and giggled and danced and laughed. They swam with their dads, and they ate too much fairy bread. They wore tiaras and high heels.

They were inseparable.

Next year they will all be going to Caningeraba Public School together, and hopefully they will be in the same class. I love that their friendship will continue, although I hope they welcome another friend into the fray so that there’s always pairs – three best friends usually results in one feeling a little bit left out. But whatever happens, they are best friends, and they are so sweet to watch. I don’t remember having a best friend, let alone two, at this age.

Happy birthday, Saraya Grace. I hope life will be good to you, I hope you achieve all you set out to achieve, and I hope you go through life with good friends, who are with you at every turn. Because sometimes LIFE gets rough and bumpy, and sometimes life is perfect, but it’s always important to have a good friend or two by your side.

Because, if I’ve learnt anything these past 5 years, friends really are the family you choose for yourself.

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