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March 8, 2012


Happy birthday to my dear husband, Julian.

40 years old today, and already he’s lived a life that most people can only dream of.

Some would say his life has been charmed, but those close to him know he’s certainly had his share of ups and downs.

All I know is that he has a family that adores him, and friends that think highly of him.

He has travelled and seen some of the most amazing places and sights in the world, and he has done things that others can only dream of.

He has pushed himself to the limit, and he has sailed through without effort.

He has known true joy and complete devastation.

He has known physical pain and exhilaration.

He has known love and he has known loss.

But most of all – he is brutally honest, has stayed true to himself, and has never tried to be something that he’s not.

I think that’s what most people either love about him or hate about him.

Personally, I love that about him. And I hope he never changes (much).


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