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March 10, 2012 – Julian’s 40th birthday party.

Having only moved into our house 6 short weeks ago, we hadn’t really utilised it for entertaining. Okay, we had Saraya’s birthday party, but that was a little different to a proper evening of food and drinks with all our friends.

And so, tonight, we had a party to celebrate Julian’s 40th birthday.

Previously, we would have insisted that no children were allowed, as our old house was too small, with very little room if it rained. And the kids didn’t have a room of their own, where they could all stay separate to the adults and have their own fun. This house, however, is different in that it’s about twice the size. With a separate media room and all the bedrooms upstairs, it was easy to have a party where we barely saw the kids.

Nineteen adults, and twelve kids. It was just enough. With me doing all the catering (I love to cook, as many of you already know), we beef and lamb roasted in the Weber, loads of antipasta and salad, wine & champagne, music and laughs, cake and Pavlova (thank you Fran), it was a really great evening. It was simple but the company made the night.

And it feels like, after 2 very long and lonely years, we finally belong here. We have a great group of friends, that is growing slowly, and we no longer feel so alone. I know that our 40’s will be a time of growth, prosperity, and more new friendships, and hopefully plenty of good times.

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