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March 13, 2012 – It must be fast, it’s a Beema!

I think every child wants to grow up and buy a fast red sports car.

And every 40 year old male has much the same dream (though they’d prefer a buxom blonde/brunette in the passenger seat).

On the other hand, as part of my no doubt soon-to-occur Midlife Crisis, I would just like a car that isn’t the size of a bus. Because my car IS a bus!

I guess one of the things that really bothers me, as trivial and materialistic as it is, is the fact that by having 4 children (with one of them soon going into a wheelchair), I have no choice but to drive a bus. The kids have never known us to drive anything smaller than a “people mover”, something that seats a minimum of 7.

Over the years, we have owned Toyota Taragos, a Kia Carnival (although we will deny EVER owning the Kia as it was, without doubt, the worst car we ever allegedly bought, a mistake that took us a very long 3 months to realise before we offloaded it for a Toyota), and our current Hyundai Imax.

And yes, the Hyundai drives well, especially on long road trips where the kids can sit in their seats with wireless headsets and watch DVDs from the screen that drops down from the roof, and we can fit ALL our luggage. But the thought of a small car, a car I can just dash to the shops in and zip around the suburbs, is irresistible.

So when Julian arrived home with a “borrowed” BMW X5, a loan car from one of his workmates (as we only have the one car, I mean bus!), we were all beside ourselves. Not only was it a “Beema”, as the kids refer to it, but it was also black and much smaller than our bus. Which meant it was mean and fast, and practically sporty! Suddenly, the kids wanted to accompany dad to the tip, to dispose of all our household rubbish, and they begged him to drive them to swimming practice. Dad became the parent they wanted to take them to school, and they would insist he “put his foot down” as he took off from our driveway. And they would return from any “Beema Trip” looking flushed with excitement. The one downside is that the “Beema” only seats 5, which means we can’t all go for a spin in it. And that means I don’t get to go in it as I have to stay at home looking after the kids who aren’t having their turn. Let me tell you, there have been fights over that car amongst the kids!

And all because of a car.

He’s offered to let me drive it, and I must admit it’s tempting, but I am scared to drive someone else’s car on the road. Not when it’s registered and insured in their name and not mine. And so I just dream. Dream that one day I will own a sports car, or even just a car rather than a bus.

One day.

Until then, I will just have to be happy driving my Imax and imagining it to be a Beema. I don’t think the kids will fall for that though.

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