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March 17, 2012 – She’s a fashion Queen.


I have never been one for fashion.

I mean, before I had kids I liked to look nice, but I was never one to “accessorise” or follow the trends. However, since I’ve had kids I’ve paid absolutely no attention to what everyone’s wearing.

And yet somehow, in Saraya, I have a little girl who is so interested in what she’s wearing that she decides each morning what she will put on for school. There are times she gets it so wrong (although who am I to judge?), but often she really does get it right.

Today, we went to a shower tea at a cousin’s place in Brisbane. We all went. So Saraya decided to wear her new birthday dress (which “spins out” when she twirls around) with leggings and a white jacket, and her sparkly sandals. She threw on a pair of sunglasses to complete the look (although they came off soon after). She looked so pretty, and stylish as well. I have no idea where she gets it from, as I am certainly no fashion role model (jeans and t-shirts for me mostly), but I guess it’s something you are either born with or you aren’t.

And I’m one of those who wasn’t. Thank god she doesn’t take after me.


  • Robin - Sharyn, she is just.so darn cute! I hope she keeps her sense of style. My Madison used to love the “twirly” dresses too, and she was so cute in them. Now I can’t get her in a dress to save my life…she is such a tomboy now.ReplyCancel

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