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It’s the simple things . . .

Growing up, my parents couldn’t afford much. Raising 4 kids on a small salary meant lots of sacrifices, and missing out on many material items. So it was only natural to want to give my own kids everything.

They’ve done okay, my kids have. They have pretty much gotten whatever they wanted, without going overboard. And yet, looking at this photo, all I really needed to give them was a couple of large boxes.

We went to a friend’s place on Good Friday, and he had just taken delivery of a huge trampoline. And so, whilst Julian and his mate assembled the trampoline, the kids discovered the discarded packing boxes and set about having fun.

First they made a cubby house, then they each made up beds. Complete with blankets and lounge cushions.

And do you know what? They had a blast. The best thing is, it didn’t cost us a cent. In future, maybe I’ll just buy a couple of boxes instead of doing weeks of shopping and putting myself under undue stress at Christmas time.

Because they do say that the simple things in life are often the best, and the most priceless.

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