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Let them never be Stupid Girls


I wanted to post this because it’s how I feel.

With so much pressure to be thin, to conform to society’s idea of what is beautiful, I hope I can raise my daughters to be more than that.

I hope they will grow up to know that intelligence, imagination, tolerance, humour, compassion, kindness, understanding, empathy, strength, and determination are traits more worthy of the “beautiful” title. Being thin does not make one beautiful. Beauty is a package, it is so many things rolled into one. And whilst there are many women out there who qualify as pretty, not all of those “pretty” women qualify as beautiful. Just as there are many women out there who are considered to be “plain-looking” and yet are some of the most beautiful women one could ever hope to meet. I would rather my daughters turn out to be “plain” and utterly beautiful in nature, than pretty and completely shallow.

No, I don’t want my girls to be stupid, shallow girls. I want them to see knowledge and humour and strength as qualities that make a woman beautiful. Truly beautiful.

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