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She’s 7 today.

Today, I am thankful for my sweet and beautiful daughter Charlyse as she turns 7.

It’s no secret that I cried for weeks and weeks when I first found out I was pregnant with her. It wasn’t that I didn’t want another baby – I did! But I didn’t expect to have another one so soon after James. Charlyse was due the day before James’ 1st birthday, but in true female fashion she arrived late to her own party. Twelve days late, to be precise!

She wasn’t the easiest of babies, with her colic keeping both her and the rest of the household up all night for 12 long weeks. And she wasn’t the prettiest of babies either, with a tongue that would protrude from her mouth in the most unattractive way, and the pimples and the cradle-cap, and the bald head. It wasn’t until the nasty colic bid its farewell that she became the delightfully sweet, considerate, kind, and loving little girl that she still is today.

And pretty! Oh, how beautiful she had become! With her wavy blonde hair and big blue eyes, she was the same little girl I had literally dreamt about 2 years before her birth, playing hide and seek with me in the woods. She was the baby girl I never knew I always wanted. And she was so much like me – a daydream believer. Fairies, goblins, Santa Claus, mermaids, unicorns – she loves anything magical. She loves anything living as well – dogs, horses, cats (doesn’t take after me there), and even insects. She becomes inconsolable whenever an animal is hurt or killed. Especially whales, dolphins, dogs, and horses. Especially horses.

Today she turned seven. SEVEN. And whilst this may not seem so old to some, I remember being seven just yesterday. My wish for her, for her future, is to do whatever makes her happy. Whether she works for Greenpeace, chases ghosts, becomes a teacher or a nurse or a physicist, or has the joy of falling in love and becoming a mother, I simply want her to be happy. Nothing more, nothing less. Everything else is irrelevant. Isn’t that all that a mother wishes for her child?

Happy birthday, my unicorn and fairy-chasing mermaid princess. I hope you have had the most wonderful of days. And thank you for choosing me to be your mummy. xxxxx

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