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July 1, 2012 – A moment of vulnerable beauty.

She’s usually my happy princess, popping into a photo with the most beautiful smile on her face. And her smile usually lights up the photo every single time.

But this afternoon, having come home from a big day out in Brisbane, the kids talked us into taking them for a bike ride/scooter through the reserve that runs alongside our house. Charlyse decided to take her two-wheeler bicycle.

Usually she can ride it without any problem. But today? Today she let the bike get the better of her. Her usual confidence disappeared down the storm water drain and she became anxious. And with that anxiety came the tears. Big tears of frustration.

And yet she still looked beautiful. No, she wasn’t wearing her beautiful smile that normally lights up a room, but she still had a vulnerable beauty about her that I found irresistible to ignore. And so I shot her. With my camera, of course.

And whilst she went on to get her confidence back, and rode that bike without a problem, that particularly vulnerable moment was perfectly captured for day one of my Photo a Day Challenge.

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