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July 11, 2012 – Imagine that.

July 11, 2012

I hate play centres. But that’s old news.

Today is Wednesday, and on Wednesdays I have both Paddy and Saraya at home with me. Now, if the weather is fine we manage to get out and about, but that wasn’t the case today. No, today the weather has been abysmal.

I had to get out, the kids fight and carry on if I keep them at home, and so I had to get them out somewhere, so they could burn off some energy. I was hoping to avoid the local soft play centre, as I get so annoyed with the mums who sit there and pay no attention to their kids bullying other kids, or being little shits. I don’t tend to make friends in play centres. And then I remembered a place I checked out a few weeks ago. Imagine that.

Imagine That is a play centre with a twist. Set in a large warehouse, it comprises of a huge space designed to resemble a village high street. With a grocery shop, a fire station, police station, bakery, school, roads, and a bank it is meant to encourage children in imaginative play. There are ride upon cars, shopping trolleys, police hats, park benches, grocery items, and fire hoses. There’s a play BBQ, a kitchen, and shop registers. Over in the school corner, there are drawing materials and black boards. And then there’s the Lego corner, which is always packed. No rough’n’tumble play is permitted, and the children all play together with very few “incidents”.

I love watching Saraya play in the shop, stacking the shelves with groceries and putting through the shopping on her register. And Paddy has his favourite yellow ride upon car, that he refuses to let anyone else on. And god help anyone who grabs his shopping trolley out of his hands.

Yes, this was a very nice way to spend a rainy Wednesday. It kept them busy today for well over 2 hours, and I was able to enjoy a coffee whilst keeping a watchful eye on them from the cafe area.

Hmmmm, I could get used to this Wednesday routine.

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