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July 13, 2012 – Just rollin’ around.

July 13, 2012

Every afternoon, we have a visitor. He’s green, and round, and very very bouncy.

James’ respite carer, Tiffany, comes on weekdays  from 4-6pm to give him his massage and stretch, and she also helps me with the kids for an hour beforehand. Just as they did with Luke before her, the kids think she’s awesome.

Paddy likes Tiffany too, but he loves her big exercise ball more. She brings it so she can sit on it whilst massaging and stretching James’ legs, but when she’s not using it Paddy absconds with it. He loves balls, any shape or size,  but this super-sized exercise ball is his favourite. He kicks it, he throws it, and he carries it from room to room. But most of all, he loves rolling around on it. He launches himself onto the top of the ball and rolls head first towards the ground. I usually shriek, worried that he’s going to hit his head on the ground, but he never does. He rolls over, lands on his side, and picks himself up whilst in fits of giggles. Who ever would have thought that an exercise ball could keep an almost-3-year-old amused for so long?

And at 6pm, he picks the ball up and carries it out to Tiffany’s car, confident that he will see it and do it all over again tomorrow. What’s that saying about the simple things in life?

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