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July 16, 2012 – Any excuse to jump!

July 16, 2012

We have very strict rules in our house, and one of them is “No jumping on beds”.

Of course, that has never stopped Saraya. She jumps on beds, she climbs on lounges, she runs down stairs, she stands on and jumps off tables. I swear she was a monkey in a previous life.

Today, as part of my Photo a Day Challenge, I wanted to get a shot of Saraya jumping on her bed. Obviously, this required no cajoling, no enticing, no bribery. No, as soon as I told her I wanted her to jump on the bed, she was running up the stairs. By the time I arrived in her room, she’d already warmed up. She jumped, and she giggled, and she screamed with delight. Finally, she was allowed to do that one thing she secretly does when I’m not looking, and in full view of the camera.

She was in her element. And I loved it.

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