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July 21, 2012 – Lice ain’t nice!

July 21, 2012

Nits have invaded our home, and our hair.

For the past few days, Charlyse has been complaining that her head was itchy. She kept on scratching it. I checked, and I checked again, and I rechecked. But there was no sign of head lice. Until today.

Yes, her head has been infiltrated by the dreaded head lice. Two of the buggers dropped onto my hand and tried to scuttle away. Needless to say, they have both met their maker up in Nit Heaven and won’t be bothering anyone else’s head again. But if there were two in there, then there’s bound to be more! Those pesky little critters have laid a few eggs throughout her hair, and I’m pretty certain they weren’t partying without a few mates to keep them company.

So tonight, for the first time ever in the Thompson household, we did the good old nit treatment. Charlyse was first, and she was actually excited. God knows why, but then 7 year olds can be a little exciteable at times over silly things. We put the solution on her hair and massaged it in, then covered it with a lovely bright green shower cap. And then the tears started.

“Mummy, it hurts, it stings, it burns!”

“Charlyse, it will stop stinging in a couple of minutes. I’m sorry but it has to be done.”

This went on and on, and the tears rolled down her cheeks. For someone who was so excited about having nits, she was now wishing she’d never been infested by them. And yet the fun was just beginning. Yes, now we had to rinse it out and comb out the eggs and the dead bugs. Ugh! Now I know why our local kids’ hair salon offers Head Lice Treatments. I think next time, I might just take the easy way out and get their hair treated there instead.

So everyone is now asleep, with nice clean bedsheets and pyjamas, and clean hair.

But here I sit, typing away on my Mac, and my head is very very itchy.

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