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July 22, 2012 – Remembering what she loves.

July 22, 2012

It’s been three years since she last rode a horse.

She was only 4 back then, and every Saturday we would take her for horse riding lessons. We were living on the outskirts of London, just inside the Kent border, and we found a young girl who gave lessons to children.

From the time she hopped up on the back of a horse, she was in love. She loved the gentle nature of the beautiful large animal, the sleekness of its coat, and the peace she felt when riding it around the paddock. She’s a natural, the riding teacher told us.

By the second week, she was rising to the trot and showing the confidence of someone who has been riding for much longer. We knew back then that this is what we wanted our daughter to grow up doing, if this is what she loves most. We don’t care whether our children make millions of dollars and become rich & successful – we just want them to be happy, in all facets of their lives. She tells us she’d like to be a horse riding teacher, a palaeontologist, or a vet. In fact, she has asked why she can’t do all three. All I know is, when I see her sitting atop a magnificent horse, I know she is where she’s meant to be.

And that’s why today, during our visit to ThunderEgg Mine, we jumped at the chance to let her take part in a trail ride. She even brought her own helmet from those lessons long ago in England. These past three years, I felt the passion for becoming a horse rider was dwindling, as she’d had no exposure to it. But after today, well let’s just say she’s found her calling once again.

Charlyse, my little horse riding princess. If I can give her just one thing in life, it’s the opportunity to be happy and learn all she can about the animal she loves most. And that’s my promise to her.

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