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July 23, 2012 – His eyes.

July 23, 2012

His eyes.

I could drown in their depths forever.

They are the darkest brown, deep and velvety, and framed by the most impossibly long eyelashes I’ve ever seen.

From the first time I gazed down at him in my arms, I was taken by his long lashes and dimples. This child, only hours old, had me completely besotted with his features, and I loved him like I never knew I could love anyone. He was tiny, he needed my protection, and most of all he needed my love.

I look at him now, at 8 years of age, and even though he has grown and has become a little man, he is still that baby I gazed down upon. He is still that baby I promised to protect and love for the rest of his life, and the remainder of mine after he is gone. And I find myself constantly taking photos of him, from afar and also up close, with his siblings and on his own. I take so many photos so that when the day comes, when he is no longer here, I will have so many reminders of the beautiful little man that he is, so I will never ever forget a single thing about him.

And I will be able to drown in the depths of those eyes for the rest of my life.

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