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July 29, 2012 – You can’t catch me!

July 29, 2012

The best days are those days that are unplanned, spontaneous and with no expectations.

Today was one of those days. With this amazing winter weather, we decided late morning to load the bikes and scooters into the car and head on up to Broadwater Parklands (one of our favourite family spots on the Gold Coast). We packed a picnic of BBQ chicken, rolls, salad, and lots of fruit, and

arrived just before lunch time.

After devouring our very yummy, typically Australian picnic, we readied the kids with their helmets and they set off on their preferred mode of transport. James and Charlyse were on their bikes, Paddy and Saraya chose to ride their scooters. And Julian and I happily sat on a park bench, in the warm winter sun, and just watched. We watched them travel around the paths, racing each other back to the “finish line”. Yes, there was fighting over who would be first, who would go in front. But for the most part, there was plenty of laughing and squeals of delight.

It was whilst watching them ride around together, without us helping them, that I finally realised we have truly moved on from nursing babies to encouraging children, allowing them to explore their world with our constant supervision, but without us holding onto them. And they were okay. In fact, they were more than okay – they were having so much fun! And both Julian and I happily acknowledged that we have become truly middle-aged, being strangely content to sit quietly on a park bench, basking in the sunshine, happy to watch the world go by.

Is this what contentment feels like? I think so. I wish that feeling of sitting in the warm and comforting sunlight, without a care in the world, could be with me every single day. I wish it could be bottled up and brought out on those days when the dark clouds envelope me. Because it’s moments like this that I truly live for. Contentment and the resulting happiness might seem hard to come by, but it’s often found in those places and moments that we take for granted. If only those moments were more than fleeting. . .

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