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Fancy a cuppa?

I’ve always been pretty strict about what the kids are allowed to eat and drink. Fast food (e.g. McDonalds) is usually only allowed on road trips, and even then we have started trying to find healthier options . Soft drinks are only allowed

 if we go to a restaurant, and the only options are lemonade or lemon squash. There is no way I would ever let my little ones drink Coke. And coffee and tea have been a complete no-no.Until recently.

This morning, I was making myself a cup of tea. Now, I’ve been drinking tea since I was around 5 or so, and it’s become a staple in my life. Granted, I have moved onto coffee in my later years, but not the type of coffee you can make at home. Not the kind of disgusting instant coffee that my father used to drink every morning. That’s why I still love my cuppa of a morning. So I was making my tea, and Charlyse asked if she could have a cup as well. She’s often asked, over the years, and I’ve always said no. But today, I changed my mind. After all, she’s now 7 years old and I figured a small cup of milky tea wouldn’t hurt her. Surely there’s just as much caffeine in a cup of tea as there is in a cup of hot chocolate.

So I made her a cuppa. With lots of milk and a spoonful of sugar. And she drank it, oh so daintily, with the fingers on both hands splayed outwards, just like a lady. And she enjoyed it very much.

She won’t be allowed a cuppa every day, but surely every once in a while won’t hurt her. As for coffee, well we’ll still wait a few more years to let her try that one.

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