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Dear Saraya. . .

Dear Saraya,

You are now 4 and a half, and yet you want to grow up yesterday.

I don’t know why children are always in a hurry to grow up. Believe me when I say that being grown up isn’t usually what you imagine it to be.

There are too many bills, too many decisions, too many responsibilities, and too many worries. And there’s not enough time to play, not enough time to sing & dance, not enough money to buy everything you dreamed of, and not enough time to smell all the pretty flowers.

I wish I could keep you young, so that you would always believe in a good and kind world, a world with Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy, a world where horses do really have wings and trees that reach up to the clouds have magical lands above them, and a world where everything is a song and no one laughs at you when you dance.

I wish you could stay young forever so you would never know how it feels to be bullied, to have your heart broken, to lose someone you love, or to feel you’ve failed.

I wish I could protect you from all the hurt and worry that life will thrust upon you.

But I can’t always protect you. So instead I can prepare you. I can prepare you so you will be strong, and resilient, and resourceful, and flexible. I will fill your mind with tales of faraway lands, exotic places to travel, and stories of times long gone. I will encourage you to write, to put your feelings and experiences down on paper, to help clear your mind and remember times gone by. And I will teach you to use a camera, to record all that you see and do, so that you will always have a visual record. I will encourage you to be independent, to never depend on a partner for your own financial or emotional stability, and I will teach you to love, so that when that special person comes along you will feel free to love them with all your heart. And I will teach you to recognise when something is out of your control and can’t be fixed, and to either walk away or stop fighting it.

You are in good hands, my darling little girl. I will teach you well, and I will always guide you.

Even when you are all grown up.

Love from Mummy xxxxx

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