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A picture for Katrina.

I just wanted to share this, so you would understand how amazing my little girl is.

I mean, all 4 of them are, but I want to highlight this one special thing about Saraya. As you all know, my friend’s cousin died this past week from the flu. Fit and healthy, mother of 4, she would possibly still be alive today if she’d had a flu shot. We assume, because we’re healthy, that only “at risk” people need the flu vaccine. Julian, James, and I have, but after Katrina’s death I decided to have the other 3 kids vaccinated as well. So I told them they’re having a needle this week and I explained why. I told them about Katrina, how she was a healthy mummy with 4 little kids, and how the flu made her really sick and she died. The others, including James, thought it was sad but then continued to go about their daily lives. Saraya, on the other hand, was terribly upset. She was upset for Katrina and devastated for her little boys and girls.

All week, she has talked about Katrina, how beautiful her name is, and how sad it was that she died. All week, every day. On Thursday, when I picked her up from school, she told me she had drawn a special picture for Katrina’s family, but I forgot all about it by the time we got gone.

It was only when I was getting all their Fathers Day gifts together this morning that I found the picture, folded up and wrapped in red cellophane. I unwrapped the paper, and when I saw the picture I burst into tears. I didn’t even know Katrina, and nor did she, but the news of her death has affected Saraya greatly.

This is the picture she drew (with her teacher writing Katrina’s name). It shows Katrina in a garden, looking beautiful and happy.

My daughter has an unusually mature empathy for people, she shows great love and compassion. That’s something you can’t teach, it’s something you are born with. And she has it in spades.

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