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School sports day.

School sports days are something that many parents never make the effort to attend. There’s something about sports days, watching kids fumble their way through ball games, try to throw frisbies, run as fast as they can down a straight line, and try to out-tug another team on a rope that many parents seem to find not worthy of their attention.

But when you have a son who will only be able to take part for a few years, you attend every single one. And it breaks your heart to see him try so hard, and to see him crestfallen when he doesn’t win. But it also fills your heart with pride when he wants to take part in every event and he never gives up.

There were kids there today who didn’t take part in events because they just couldn’t be bothered. And yet here is a boy whose muscles are dying, whose arms and legs feel like lead weights, and yet he had a go at every single event. He was exhausted and hot, but he was also keen to not let his team down, and to prove to himself that he can still do these things.There will come a time, in the near future, where taking part in sports days will start to become a thing of the past, but until then I will attend these days. I will watch him run, and jump, and throw, and catch, and crawl, and roll.

And I will watch with pride, from behind my dark sunglasses, and those sunglasses will hide my tears of both joy and sadness.

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