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January 10, 2013 – Cars.

January 10

This kid LIVES Cars.

He wears Cars, he sleeps with Cars, he sits on Cars, he plays with Cars, he reads Cars. He even eats off Cars. And did I happen to mention that his bicycle and helmet are emblazoned with Cars as well?

I know many parents don’t like to buy their kids licensed clothing and products, but I don’t really care. He loves Cars, his Cars make him happy.

And that’s okay, because he’s only 3. It’s okay to be obsessed with Cars at 3 years of age. Now, if he gets to 18 and he’s STILL obsessed with Cars, well then I’ll start to worry.

Until then, I hope he keeps on dreaming about Lightning McQueen and Mater – dreaming about them makes him excited about going to bed.

It’s sweet, really.

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