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January 12, 2013 – The power of a book.

January 12

There is magic that exists within the pages of a children’s book. It’s a magic that only the reader (or the reader’s captive audience) can experience. It’s a magic that causes the reader to become lost within their imagination, picturing places and faces they’ve never come across in the real world.

It’s a magical world where unicorns and mermaids exist, vampires rule the underworld, aliens come in search of other civilisations (or is that, perhaps, in real life as well? But I digress . . .), where fairies and funny men covered in saucepans live in trees that reach up to the clouds, and animals talk. Horses fly, witches cast spells, superheroes fly, children learn to be wizards, and there are funny little people called Hobbits. Princesses are woken up by true love’s kiss, a maiden in a turret uses her hair to escape, wishing chairs fly, and Noddy & BigEars are best friends. Pooh and Paddington are bears, and so is Blinkey Bill (well, actually he’s a Koala). The Gruffalo might look scary, but he’s really the one being scared. Snugglepot and Cuddlepie are gumnut babies, and the Muddleheaded Wombat is, well, muddleheaded. And Harry, Ron and Hermione have magical powers and can overcome the greatest evil, whilst The Snail and the Whale travel the world together and marvel at how big and beautiful it is.

It’s a world where they all live happily ever after, or sometimes it’s left to be continued . . .

Every child should have access to that magical world, where fear, boredom, bullying, worries or pain do not exist, and happy endings are real. And, even though it may not be educating them on how real life can be with all it’s challenges, at least it can continue to be a safe haven, a place of happiness and relaxation, throughout the rest of their lives.

The power of a book is not only what you can learn from it, but where you can go with it. And a children’s book can take you further than you ever imagined.


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