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January 14, 2013 – Come lay with me.

January 14

“Mum, this one feels good! I don’t feel my spine sinking!”

Such is the joy of going mattress hunting with 7 and 8 year olds. Suddenly, at their ripe old age, they become experts. Never mind the fact that they are both so light that all the mattresses feel the same. Never mind that they have been listening to the salesman and his sales spiel. Never mind the fact that they don’t know anything about straight spines or keeping the neck in alignment with the rest of the body – they are still experts.

Today we had to go out and purchase a new mattress for my husband’s bed. He has been sleeping on a single bed, simply because he thought the mattress on his own bed was too soft. However, his back is now an issue and, after a few visits to his chiropractor, he has decided that a new chiropractic mattress will make all the difference. And so we went to a store that specialises in chiropractic mattresses and tried a few of them out. And the kids made sure they gave their opinions.

An hour later, we walked out of the store with an order for a mattress. And the kids walked out as experts, which goes to prove – you are never too young to learn.

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