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January 20, 2013 – A fairy ballerina in our midst.

January 20

When I asked her if she wanted to dress up as a ballerina fairy so I could take some shots of her, she couldn’t say yes fast enough. Anything to dress up and look like a princess.

Dressed in Collette Dinnigan’s finest threads, we moved through the backyard and out the gate into the adjoining reserve. To our right were an older couple, getting randy in a hot tub, and the people in the house next to them were sitting out the back enjoying a nice glass of cask wine. So I thought she’d suddenly develop a little bit of stage fright and rush back through the gate.

But no. Instead, she began running and leaping and pirouetting through the air, twirling and skipping and dancing to the sound of music in her pretty little head.

And in return, I managed to get some gorgeous photos of her looking so alive and carefree and full of joy.

Maybe she could be a supermodel after all.

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