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January 23, 2013 – Funny Face.

January 23

This kid, she seriously cracks me up!

I was trying to test out my new iCandy apparatus, where you can attach a smartphone underneath your camera and play apps or reverse the in-phone camera so that you can get a child’s attention. Well! I attached my phone, put on the camera screen, and asked her to smile. I just wanted to test it out. I never planned on using any of the shots. So, she sees herself in my smartphone and starts pulling faces. She had NO interest in smiling, she just loved seeing her funny-face reflection.

And I just snapped away. These will be the photos I will bring out in years to come, when she asks to see photos of her as a child. And we will laugh together, laugh at her silliness.

I just hope she doesn’t lose all that silliness as she grows up. Every grown up should have a little bit of face-pulling childishness within them.

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