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January 26, 2013 – Australia Day.


January 26

Australia Day.

It’s a day to wear green and gold, and hang the Aussie flag from the balcony with pride.

It’s a day for BBQs by the pool and picnics on the beach.

It’s a day for XXXX and VB.

It’s a day for working class men and the Tenterfield saddler, when we don’t care that our beds are burning or that the last plane out of Sydney’s almost gone.

It’s a day when we’re thankful for a laid-back lifestyle, beautiful weather, multicultural food, and friends from all around the globe.

It’s a day for cricket, rugby, surfing, scootering, cycling, hiking, sailing, and camping.

It’s a day of watching The Castle, The Dish, The Man from Snowy River, and Phar Lap.

It’s a day for bacon, eggs, snags and beans with toast, washed down with a glass of juice or Tooheys New.

It’s a day of reminiscing with friends and family, laughing and eating and drinking.

It’s a day of looking around us and being grateful for the lives we live in this place we call home.

It’s a day of celebrating, of showing national pride, of remembering how we came to be here, and realising that we live in the greatest country on earth (though some may disagree, and that’s okay – as long as they aren’t AUSSIES!)

And it’s the day when I am thankful that, after 10 years of living offshore, I am home and this is where I belong.

I truly do love my country.

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