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April 4, 2013 – Peek-a-boo

April 4

Peeping from underneath her hat, she looks to see if I am still there.

With the arrival of my new lens this morning, I was anxious to get out and try it out, to see if it was as good as I hoped it would be. In all earnestness, I asked around my (hopefully) willing children, expecting one of them to say yes. And, without disappointing me, my daughter put up her hand.

She wants to be a supermodel, this one. And yet I’ve always found her a little bit too wooden, too wound up to shine through in photos. She can’t relax, simple as that. But that’s all changed with this new lens. Now, I don’t have to be standing right on top of her, shadowing her, waiting for the perfect image. Now, I can stand way back and just wait for the right moment.

And this is what I was rewarded with. Natural, fun, beautiful. My little girl being herself. And that’s when her real beauty truly shines through.

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