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April 10, 2013 – What’s on her mind?

April 10

Walking alone, daydreaming. She seems to have so much on her mind these days – unicorns, fairies, orca whales, dinosaurs, ballet, horse riding, friends, school, and her big brother.

Sometimes, I think she has the weight of the world on her shoulders. I hope she doesn’t feel that way. With her brother having Duchenne, she is often called to help out and act way beyond her tender 7 years. I hope she never grows to resent it, I hope she understands why her elder brother can’t help clean up or bring in the grocery bags. I hope that she will just continue to do it because she knows he’d give anything to be able to help out as well.

And I hope that in those moments of thought, those pensive silences, that she is just thinking of little girl things, filling her mind with dreams and ideas. I hope that she’s not dreaming and becoming sad over the bigger picture.

I just want her to stay a little girl for a bit longer, because once she finds out about her brother her childhood will never be the same.

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