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5 on 5 – May Blog Post.

I’m slow to get my 5 on 5 Blog Circle post up this month. I’ve just been so busy, no doubt from taking on too many things with only one set of hands. Silly me.

But this month has also been a month of growth and learning. In a big way.

I started out the month doing an online workshop through Clickin Moms, called Composition & Creativity. It was eyeopening, to say the least. I found myself absorbing each and every word, and driving my family crazy with my constant requests for more photos with them. It has changed the way I see my images, visualising in my mind how I want them to look, taking advantage of the light that exists (either naturally or within the environment itself – I hate bringing in artificial light, I’m a natural/available light girl at heart), and considering the mathematics of photography when taking or editing each image.

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Lots of diagonals, LOL! Apparently they eye likes diagonals.

The other big thing I’ve been up to this month, and the reason why I’m late in posting this, is because I’ve been away on a mentoring weekend up north, in a little mining town called Moranbah. A dear friend of mine, whom I met whilst on another workshop last year (the friendships I made were the best part about the workshop, to be honest), agreed to mentor me for a weekend. We spent the weekend swapping ideas and notes, drinking too much wine, having home-cooked meals (thanks to her lovely husband, who is pretty darn handy in the kitchen), playing with her divinely gorgeous children, and (the best part) doing a handful of photoshoots. Four photoshoots in the space of 48 hours. That’s a lot of clicking, and even more editing. But oh my, the things I learnt. It was worth every minute. June, of June Warry Photography, is a great teacher! I’m so thankful for the time she took out of her busy life to teach me. And, the best thing, is that we have become even better friends because of it. I’ve only edited a handful of images from the weekend, as I have a backlog of work to get through, but here’s a couple for you to see.

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And that’s me! Thank you for checking in with me again this month, and if you’d like to see some more of these posts then please follow the link to see what Madison area photographer Jess Curkovic has been up to.

Have a great month! xxxxxx

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