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5 on 5 – June Blog Post

I’m late.

This blog was due two days ago, but I kept putting it off. And then, one by one, all the other girls posted their links and I was the only one left that hadn’t – the last one standing (or sitting, in my case). I didn’t want to let the girls down. After all, I had committed to this and I was determined to post every single month. Without fail. And on time. So I am late, but I’m still here!

It’s been another busy month. They always are with 4 kids.

Never. A. Dull. Moment.

Never. A. Moment’s. Peace.

Never. A. Single. Regret.

However, because it’s been so busy I’ve barely had time to take photos. In fact, after coming back from my mentoring weekend at the beginning of May, it took me over a week to pick up my camera again. I was suffering from photographer’s fatigue and I desperately needed a break. But I soon got over that.

And so, our month in a nutshell . . . .

A day in the country . . . . .


My Click magazine arrived . . . .


I found an angel in a park . . . .


My 8 year old daughter and her best friend took part in an Ellen & Portia-inspired photoshoot – aren’t they just gorgeous???


I practiced with my macro on my engagement ring – I haven’t worn this in around 3 years. Fat fingers and all that . . . .


I had every intention of eating healthy . . . .


I photographed a really cute dog on a paddleboard. Oh yeah, and his master’s six pack as well. 😉


I organised the year’s most epic birthday party for two of my children – the smile on James says it all!


I took part in a 5 photos in 5 days challenge. This was from Day 2 . . . .


And I re-edited an old favourite photo of mine.


And that’s it! Another month down. 8 months to go.

Thanks for reading my June post. Don’t forget to follow the link to Lisa’s post.

Until next month, adieu!

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